Hiking Park

The entrance is just 1 km (0.6 mi) from the ferry terminal (turn right). Follow the signs to the Old Airport Road.

"Hole in the Wall"The most popular hike is 10 minutes from a parking area through a wooded trail to the cliffs then left to the famous rock arch known as the Hole in the Wall (“HITW” on signs). This egg-shaped hole was carved by the ocean probably 10,000 years ago and now its base is just at the high tide line. From this point, visitors can return to the parking area.

Hiking trail on Grand Manan Island at Hole in the Wall CampgroundOr, start from the rock arch and begin an easterly hike along the Red Trail, enjoying the spectacular vistas of the Bay of Fundy and always the Swallow Tail Lighthouse just in the distance. Seals are often observed basking on the rocks below. This is the feeding area for whales, so listen and watch for the noisy finbacks, humpbacks, or minkes.

With the help of the Guide Map provided to you at the Park Entrance, you may circle back to your vehicle on your choice of the many campground roads or trails. And, as always, there are birds, both the land and sea varieties. Grand Manan is a key destination for bird watchers, especially during migration times.

view from the Grand Manan hiking trail at Hole in the Wall CampgroundIf hiking the trail is not practical, a few minutes by vehicle or bike will take you to two viewing decks. These have been strategically positioned atop the cliffs along the hiking trail. In this wilderness setting, you can comfortably observe the ocean beauty and watch the marine activity — seals, birds, weir fishing, boat traffic, whales, etc.

There is an entry fee (individual, carload and group rates) to the Hiking Park. You are provided with a Day Pass as well as a Guide Map showing the trails, viewing sites, weirs and write-ups on the points of interest. Staff will provide local information and happily answer questions.

Check with staff for a credit of your Day Pass cost against the camping fee should you decide to stay in our Coastal Wilderness Campground!

Discovery Trail

Added feature for children of all ages!

Discovery Trail Detective

When you check-in, the children in your party will be provided with a Discovery Trail guide.The Discovery points are along the popular 10 minute trail from the car park used to reach the Hole-in-the-Wall. It becomes a Discovery Trail as the “hidden objects” — maybe a bunny, a frog, etc. — are discovered and then circled on the guide/checklist. The Discovery continues on reaching the rock arch. Imagine faces, shapes, maybe a person with red hair, in the rock formation of the Hole-in-the-Wall! Remember, as you are now looking over Whale Cove to yell “thaar she blows!” if you see whales.

On leaving the Park, present the checklist to the Park staff and a treat awaits the young detectives.

Caution and common sense add to the pleasure of this outing. Pets always on a leash, please.

Check with staff for a credit of your Day Pass cost against the camping fee should you decide to stay in our Coastal Wilderness Campground!